Japan based Licensed Sake distributor and Japanese Sake exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards, targeting Sake importers Japan based Licensed Sake distributor and Japanese Sake exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards, targeting Sake importers

Decreasing domestic demand for Japanese Sake

Japan has a rich history of sake production, and the country has been known for its high-quality sake for centuries. However, in recent years, the domestic demand for sake has been on a steady decline. According to a report by the National Tax Agency of Japan, the domestic sake...
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Japanese Umeshu

Japanese fruit sake, also known as "umeshu," is a unique and delicious alcoholic beverage that has been enjoyed by Japanese people for centuries. It is a type of liqueur that is made by steeping Japanese plums, also known as "ume," in sugar and shochu or sake. The result is...
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Export sake is the USA is booming

When Shinobu Kato first tried sake as a young man in Tokyo, it tasted harsh and sharp to him. He hated it. But, he recalls, an older colleague told him that he was drinking cheap, poorly made sake. As he was introduced to better styles, Mr. Kato grew to...
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Sake brewers toast big rise in global sales

Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic drink that has been gaining new fans all over the world. However, in its home market, Japan, the drink is losing its appeal among consumers. According to Genki Ito, the founder of Tippsysake, a US website that imports and sells sake, there are...
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Sake cocktails

Sake cocktails have come a long way from their humble beginnings as a simple mix of sake and other ingredients. In recent years, the popularity of sake cocktails has exploded, with mixologists around the world using sake to create a wide variety of unique and delicious drinks.   The history of...
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History of Japanese Sake

Japanese sake, also known as nihonshu, is a traditional alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. It has a rich history dating back thousands of years and has played an important role in Japanese culture and society.   The origins of Japanese sake can be traced back to the Yayoi period (300...
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Sake brewers building brand cachet by cultivating bespoke rice crops

Japanese brewers are gaining visibility by cultivating their own rice crops, using local grains to promote the unique characteristics of their regional sakes amid a surge in popularity of rice wine overseas. The change is unusual as sake breweries normally procure raw rice from farms around the country. In early...
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Japan’s Sake train

Some trains are simply a means to get from point A to B. On others, like the East Japan Railway Company's Shu*Kura, it's all about the journey. This train operates along a few routes in northwestern Japan's Niigata Prefecture, a place known for its rice, water, and snow. Nicknamed "snow country" for the...
Japan sake train
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Japan is asking its young people to drink more booze

Japan is asking its young people to drink more booze The government has launched a campaign to kickstart drinking alcohol among younger generations – and save the country’s sake industry Get this: the Japanese government wants young people to drink more alcohol, not less. That’s right: faced with younger generations that drink...
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Cool sake and sweets combinations 2022

A selection of great sake and sweet combinations that you have probably not heard of overseas and shows how sake can be used in fun ways to create great flavors   Firstly from our Kyoto partner brewery Sasaki   Sake Cheesecake   A cheesecake for adults using Jurakudai and sake lees from Junmai Daiginjo from...
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Sasaki’s sake society commitment

Our export sake brewery partner Sasaki very much supports their local community. Protection of Kyoto principles and culture is an integral part of their business model.   -------------------------------------------------------- Sasaki believes changes that can be made on a business level can have a positive impact at a societal level and therefore benefit all. There...
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Sake Means Constant Evolution

In another new chapter, the company is set to open its first brewery in the United States with a brand called “Dassai Blue.”   The immensely successful Japanese sake brewer Asahi Shuzo has just released a new product called “Dassai 23 Centrifuge.” Using centrifugal mixing technology, the company aims to create sake...
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Contribution to society and the community through the deliciousness and enjoyment of sake

Our sake export brewery partner Fukui has been working on "." Efforts to conserve rice terraces through "Haginoro Junmai Ginjo Satoyama" which started in 2002. They also want to help society through their sake brewing, such as providing sake lees for "Lake Kuni Cheesecake" to Ayumi Workshop, whose mission is to...
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Taiwan sake boom starts to challenge Japanese traditions

Until recently, guests at Ya Ge, a Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Taipei, mostly paired their food with European or Australian wines. Those desiring a stronger kick would go for Taiwanese-style wines like the white Kaoliang or the yellow Shaoxing. In the last few years, though,...
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Here’s why sake is getting popular with consumers these days

Thanks to prominent sake distributor figures pushing the envelope and creating a flourishing market for the fermented rice beverage, Singapore has a thriving sake scene.   When not being around sake and donning their happi coats, it’s hard to imagine these three men dedicating themselves to improving Singapore’s sake industry.   Adrian Goh...
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Understand Japanese sake

Here we help you understand Japanese sake, the national beverage of Japan; it is one of the world's most complex and beguiling drinks. Its history dates back more than 2,000 years, to when rice cultivation was brought to Japan from China. The Chinese introduced the indispensable technique of using...
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World Heritage Temple releases limited edition Sake

Kofukuji temple in Nara has releases a special limited edition Japanese sake.   But why did Kōfukuji select Hakkaisan? “We were fascinated by the spiritual features and culture of the land there,” said Myoshun Tsuji, of Kōfukuji Temple.   “We want to create great sake that will still be a hit in 100...
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Japan’s traditional sake makers preserve centuries-old brewing methods

Japan's national drink is growing in popularity in Europe. Although many exports are mass-produced, a few family-owned breweries apply a slow, painstaking process they say creates the purest "kimoto" sake. Hideharu Ohta's family has produced sake using the 'kimoto' method for 10 generations Hideharu Ohta absolutely refuses to take shortcuts. He...
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Many young Japanese people aren’t drinking sake these days

Many young Japanese people aren’t drinking sake these days and breweries are hoping to expand their export market and find new ways to promote sake to the younger Japanese. More commonly known in Japan as nihonshu, sake is the iconic Japanese beverage made from fermented rice, known and loved all...
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Ramen and sake

  Are you a ramen fan? Do you like sake? If you are, then chances are you know how well the two pair together – there’s almost nothing quite like sitting down after a hard day's work in the office than with a bowl of hot steaming ramen and an...
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Annual Kura Master sake competition 2021

Japanese sake is having a moment in wine-loving France, as sommeliers and vintners expand their horizons in response to changing culinary trends. The fifth annual Kura Master sake competition took place in Paris last month, drawing 960 entries, 136 more than in 2020, even with the coronavirus pandemic still looming...
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Hanamori brewery

  Hanamori brewery Hanamori brewery is one of the few breweries to produce sake using a traditional sake pressing machine and Sakeportal are honoured to be their partner and introduce their wonderful sake to the export market and through our import partners. Yaotsu Town, Gifu Prefecture, located in the middle reaches of...
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Sasaki Sake Brewery

Sasaki Sake Brewery, which inherits Rakuchu's sake brewing sasaki-sake-brewery-kyoto   The only brewery that still exists in Rakuchu, Sasaki Sake Brewery is a valued partner of Sakeportal and produce wonderful Kyoto sake for the export market, we hope our sake import partners will indulge and try the only sake made in...
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What is Fruit Sake?

For those of you who have visited Japan you may be aware of chu-hi, you will find an abundance of different flavored chu-hi in convenience stores and supermarkets however you may be less aware of the new trend: Fruit Sake. Chu hi is what we would call alcopops, coolers or...
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European chefs discover the delight of Japanese sake

Japanese Sake is becoming more and more popular in Europe among chefs who are attracted by the drink's compatibility with seafood and several other dishes. Gautier Roussille is a winemaker and agronomist based in France's famous Burgundy wine growing region. He is also one of the world’s Sake specialists and...
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Sparkling Sake as a Specialty

Sparkling sake, once viewed as a sweet, low-alcohol, low-quality brew, is experiencing a small yet significant renaissance. Thanks to recent efforts by organizations like the Japan Awasake Association, which is introducing and encouraging methods and certifications similar to that of Champagne, as well as international retailers championing the sparkling trend, Japanese...
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New Japanese Yogurt and Yuzu Sake KitKats

Yoghurt Sake is newest Japanese KitKat Ever since Nestlé Japan released the world’s first-ever Sake KitKat back in 2016, the chocolate giant has been infusing KitKats with other popular Japanese tipples, including plum and yuzu liqueurs. Produced under the supervision of former Japanese soccer star and now accomplished sake connoisseur Hidetoshi Nakata, these...
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Japan sake makers to adopt blockchain to fight Asian counterfeits

EY Japan, a branch of the global accountancy firm, plans to launch a blockchain traceability system for Japanese sake and fruit, sharing information including origin and delivery records with foreign consumers, in a move that will help brewers and producers differentiate their authentic products from counterfeits. "SAKE Blockchain", which has...
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Global Sake market: 2022 update

--------------------------------------------------------------- Japanese Sake export: Latest data from May 2022 Happier news all round! Showing a 166.4% increase year-over-year; the total value of Japanese Sake exports reached 401.78 million JPY , while the total volume of exports reached 32,053 KL (Trade Statistics of Japan) in 2021. This record-high growth for the 12th consecutive year...
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The American Sake Market

USA Sake Market Overview The USA Sake market continues to be the global number one importer of Japanese Sake. 2016-2017 saw an increase of 16% 2017, with a dollar value increase from 800 million yen to 6 billion yen. This is an increase of 1.7 times from 2007 levels. Sake...
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Japanese Sake in the UK

2021 UPDATE and COVID UK export value has doubled over the last 10 years, however due to COVID export value fell from 2019-2020 by around 2,000,000 GBP. This decrease was expected and given the Olympics and tourist travel soon (hopefully) opening up again, Sake sales are expected to rebound and...
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Japanese Sake Tasting the right way

  Japanese Sake tasting involves the following sequence of steps. The procedure is basically the same as for wine tasting. (1) Observe the appearance, including color and clarity.   (2) Evaluate the uwadachika (orthonasal aroma) by bringing the vessel up to the nose and smelling the aroma given off directly by the sake.   (3)...
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Enjoy the Japanese Sake aroma

  The character of a Japanese Sake can be classified into four types. The unique character of Sake aroma is the because of different production methods, ingredients and water. These characters can be classified into four types. Of course everyone's ideas and feelings are different and, like wine, it comes to...
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Sake drinking temperatures

Sake Drinking Temperature Sake drinking temperatures are an important part of Sake. Sake is a drink that can be enjoyed at many temperatures. Each temperature has a different name. Sake can be enjoyed at a wide range of temperatures. Each temperature has a different name, and you can enjoy unique aspects...
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The potential of Japanese Sake in Australia

  Is the Australian Sake market a key target for Sake exporters? Demand in Japan for Japanese Sake has (unfortunately) been decreasing recently, partly due to changing palates of the younger population and because of the increase in popularity of wine, and more recently Craft beer. Statistics from the Japan Sake...
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Food and Sake Pairings that aren’t Traditional Japanese Dishes

Original words by: Sam Slaughter         Original Article: https://www.themanual.com/food-and-drink/food-sake-pairings-guide/ Food and Sake Pairings Food and Sake pairings will always bring a stock answer,  people will say Japanese Sake matches Japanese food, most likely sushi. A lot of us have only had Japanese sake when it has been served alongside sushi....
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What Is Japanese Sake?

Original words: Steven John      Original Article: https://www.themanual.com/food-and-drink/what-is-sake-explained-best-sake/ What Is Japanese Sake? The national beverage of Japan, sake (pronounced “sah-KAY”) is a fermented rice wine that has been enjoyed since at least the 8th century CE, though some historians believe it was consumed hundreds of years earlier. It is brewed using highly polished sake mai rice,...
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