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Cool sake and sweets combinations 2022

A selection of great sake and sweet combinations that you have probably not heard of overseas and shows how sake can be used in fun ways to create great flavors


Firstly from our Kyoto partner brewery Sasaki


Sake Cheesecake


A cheesecake for adults using Jurakudai and sake lees from Junmai Daiginjo from Kyoto’s Sasaki Sake Brewery.

Please enjoy the ginjo fragrance like the fruits of Daiginjo and Jurakudai, the elegant taste, and the rich finish.



Sake Jelly



Kyoto Sasaki Sake Brewery’s “Jurakudai” is a traditional handmade technique sake made by polishing rice “Yamada Nishiki” suitable for sake brewing up to 38%. It is a special sake that has been carefully cultivated.

The “Jurakudai” has been made into a luxurious jelly.

A fruity ginjo fragrance spreads, and it is a soft, plump and refreshing jelly. Alcohol content is less than 1%.




Other fun Sake X sweets


Soba + sake pudding is a gold medal Hospitality selection In the first half of 2022, Fukui City’s sweets bar “Salice”

The sweets bar “Salice” (Junka 1-chome, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, representative of Yanakawa) won the gold medal in the first half of 2022 of the “Omotenashi Selection” that sends out excellent products and services unique to Japan both domestically and internationally.

The selection has been carried out since 2015 by the “Omotenashi Nippon Executive Committee” created by advertising agencies. Foreign buyers and embassy staff judged and decided the awards.

The fruit of Echizen soba is boiled and mixed with the pudding together with the sake “Born Gold” to create a flavorful taste.



Sake Ice!

The sake ice cream specialty store “SAKEICE” will hold pop-up stores “SAKEICE SUMMER POP’s 2022” at eight locations nationwide from Thursday, June 16th.

Ice cream mixed with sake “Sake ice” is a specialty store of “slightly drunk” sake ice cream mixed with plenty of sake.

Unlike ice cream containing sake lees and ice cream with an alcohol content of less than 1%, the alcohol content is about 4%, currently, it mainly sells online with the directly managed store “Sake Ice Ikebukuro Store” in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

The pop-up store that will open this time will open in the Hokkaido / Kyoto area, starting with the one held at LUMINE Shinjuku in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

At the pop-up store, 100ml cups of ice cream are sold in take -out format. Popular NO. There are 6 flavors that adults and children can enjoy, such as 1 “Sake Ice”, Yuzu, chocolate, and non-alcoholic “Purple Amazake”.



Sake and rice cheesecake

Directly from the workshop! Sake and rice cheesecake product sold by “Dante”, a handmade cheesecake shop. A cheesecake made from aged old sake and rice, in collaboration with Seiun Shuzo, the brewery of Ogawa Town, Saitama Prefecture.

The moment you eat it, you can feel the aroma and taste of aged old sake softly, and you can also feel the soft sweetness of rice. It goes well with the kneaded cheese. It’s not too sweet, so you can eat it like a snack of sake, and it’s very popular as a sweet that even people who don’t like sweets can enjoy.

Hachigoku has won the semi-grand prix at the 10th Attractive Japanese Souvenir Contest and is a recommended souvenir. Since it comes with Seiun Shuzo’s main box, it is a perfect gift for those who like sake.



Sake and cake

The sake cake and sake brewery’s proud Ginjo Sake Yumekari Set are products sold by the 11th generation Genmiya of Arabiraki. This is a ginjo sake cake made by soaking Yumekari, a pure rice ginjo from Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, into a castella dough that is baked using high-quality chicken eggs and flour for a month.

The moment you eat it, the gorgeous aroma and taste of ginjo and the slight sweetness of castella spread slowly throughout your mouth, making it popular. It has a very moist texture and a luxurious taste, so it is perfect for adult sweets. Yumekari’s sake is included in the set, so it is recommended to eat it together with the sake. This product is sold exclusively on the local sake product building on the premises of Asabiraki Sake Brewery and on the Internet. As it is a limited sale product, you will be pleased if you give it as a gift


Sake and chocolate

Daiginjo Pavé Chocolate Sake Unfiltered Junmai Daiginjo Bon GOLD is a product developed by Yours Hotel Fukui in Fukui Prefecture. It is a raw chocolate that luxuriously uses Fukuoka’s famous sake, unfiltered Junmai Daiginjo Bon GOLD.

Bon GOLD is a sake made by a special manufacturing method in which raw sake is aged at -10 degrees Celsius for one year at room temperature. The high level has a deep taste and goes well with chocolate. The chocolate is blended with the world-famous brand Couverture chocolate and is formulated to be surprisingly smooth and fluffy.

The moment you eat it, the elegant taste and aroma of Sake will spread, and at the same time, the sweetness of carefully selected Couverture chocolate will spread to your mouth. It is a very luxurious gem and is popular as a fashionable chocolate gift. It is also recommended as a gift for Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.



Aged Sake cake

Junmai Ginjo Sake Hakkaisan soaked in [three-month aged sake cake] is sold under the name Sake Eki. It is a luxurious sake cake made by slowly soaking Mt. Hakkai, a sake called a phantom famous sake, into a finely baked dough over a period of 3 months and aging it.

It has an alcohol content of 2%, so it is recommended for those who like alcohol. The elegant aroma and taste of Mt. Hakkai is slightly felt, and the moment you put it in your mouth, it has a soft and melty texture and is very popular. The product is put in a paulownia box and wrapped in a furoshiki, so it is recommended as a souvenir. It is an elegant dessert for adults that is popular with both men and women.


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