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Sake is a good source of components that can actually promote health and beauty. Sake can support a range of bodily functions as well as tingling that umami taste bud!

1. Gluten-Free
Rice contains no gluten, so unlike beer, Junmai Sake is gluten free.

2. Vegetarian
Most Sake is vegetarian. Unusual compared to most alcohol!

3. Purity
Sake does not contain any additives or preservatives like sulfites. Unlike wines Sake also does not have any tannins. So, Sake is good for sleep and hangover recovery!

4. Lower Cancer Risks
In studies it has been found that the amino acid in Sake is an enemy to cancer cells and has been shown to slow tumor growth by activating anti-tumor natural killer cells. Further studies show Sake can reduce the risks of bladder, prostate and lung cancer.

5. Boosted Immune System
One of the amino acid compounds found in the highest concentrations in Sake is selenium, a mineral that offers a wide range of health benefits. In addition to reduced cancer risk, it can help prevent degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and give a general boost to the immune system.

6. Reduced Allergic reactions
Sake features 5 elements that inhibit an enzyme that triggers allergic reactions to food, pollen and dust mites.

7. Heart friendly
Overall drinking alcohol in moderation can generally improve good cholesterol, reduces clotting, and otherwise slightly improve heart health. Elements in Sake release blood clots and have an effect in reducing cholesterol. Moreover, it promotes high density lipoprotein in blood which assists in preventing heart attacks, strokes and other certain conditions.

8. Good for the Stomach
Sake is a probiotic which promotes digestive health. The presence of probiotics is beneficial for intestinal health by promoting good digestion. Sake contains citric and lactic acid which assist food digestion. A healthy body is indicated by the good digestion system.

9. Healthy Skin
The beauty industry is well aware of the benefits of Sake on skin health and there are now products on the market using these benefits. Drinking Sake therefore naturally has skin health benefits. Sake has far more moisturizing elements such as glycerol, or glycerine, and amino acids than other alcoholic beverages. Sake also contains elements that inhibit melanin (causing sunspots, freckles and age spots), ferulic acid (an anti-oxidant) which absorbs UV light and prevents skin aging.

Sake contains plenty of saccharides and amino acids which are great for the treatment of rough skin and are used in many beauty products.

10. Improved Bone Health
The amino acids found in sake, and the enzyme inhibitors in koji (the special ingredient to help fermentation) helps build, strengthen and recovery of skeletal muscle and is beneficial to prevention of osteoporosis.

11. Blood benefits
Sake has 3 types of peptides that inhibit the enzymes which are a factor in high blood pressure. Additionally drinking Sake helps to promote the circulation of blood.

12. Prevention Alzheimer’s Disease
Sake has been found to have peptides that boost the brain and are effective in preventing senility and forgetfulness.

13. Weight Management
Sake has a low content of calories which helps to prevent weight gain. Moreover, it inhibits starch absorption and promotes proteins.


So is drinking Sake healthy? Well maybe not healthy but not bad as alcohol beverages go. Enjoy but remember to drink responsibly and in moderation!


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