Sakeportal is a Japanese Sake exporter and distributor of smaller Sake breweries with generations of history and awards, targeting Sake importers, distributors, wholesalers; and end clients (bars, restaurants, hotels and other businesses with a love of Sake)

This is Sakeportal’s order system. We set this up to make life easier for existing clients to reorder and new clients to understand and express interest in our Sake.

No credit card is required and payments are NOT accepted.

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Business flow for New Clients:

1. After receiving your interest in Sake we will contact you to discuss more.

2. We will add shipping and any relevant notes to your account page. An email will be automatically sent with notifications of updates and notes added to your order.

3. On finalisation of order we will send an invoice.


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For information about how to import Japanese Sake-have a look at our quick guide