Build a brand

Create a unique sales point

Maintain higher profit margins as the Sake can not be compared

Match your brand to the local environment

Market to the local environment

Attract new customers

Retain customers

Develop to a national brand

Create your own Sake with OEM/ODM


Produce your own Sake:

The primary appeal of OEM Japanese Sake is that it represents a truly unique Japanese Sake made especially for you and your business.

Every distributor, every shop, every retailer, every hotel, bar, restaurant and every online e-commerce store can now have a private production of Sake.

Stand out from your competition and drive sales:

An OEM Japanese Sake that is unique to your business can be offered to client/consumers, will increase purchases and attract clients/consumers to your business.


Maintain higher profit margins as the Sake can not be compared.

Match your Sake to the local environment.

Build your own brand.