Japan based Licensed Sake distributor and Japanese Sake exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards, targeting Sake importers Japan based Licensed Sake distributor and Japanese Sake exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards, targeting Sake importers

Please be introduced to our range of Japanese Fruit Sake! This is real fruity Sake made from fruits sourced from nearby farmers and steeped in sake to create  a wonderfully fruity Sake. It is surprisingly not so sweet and the natural flavours of the fruit are very much at the forefront.

There is no real Sake taste and it is more like a juice drink in flavour because of the abundance of fruits; a great summer drink and with a lower alcohol content than normal Sake.

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How the brewery started the Fruit Sake business: Born from an Encounter with the Finest Fruits


They met a wonderful ripe Nanko plum famer which is harvested in the mountains and has a rich scent reminiscent of peaches. They found they were able to soak these plums plums in Sake to create a Fruit Sake with a beautiful plum flavour and soft taste.

After talking with the farmer they discovered about domestically grown lemons that were cultivated on another farm. The lemons in Japan are usually imported with a pointed shape similar to an American football ball, but domestic lemons are rounder and are less sour than imported products so the farmer said they were not selling well.

However, the domestic lemon’s sourness is soft, and in addition to the Japanese-style tenderness, it also has a ripe and rich umami. It is a wonderful thing with a strangely slight sweetness. Also imported lemons are harvested in an immature state and turn yellow during import, and that wax for preservative purposes is used. The strong acidity that creates the sourness is because it is harvested in the immature state. The Japanese lemons do not use pesticides or the antiseptic wax.

So the brewery master visited the lemon gardens on the slope of the mountain which started cultivating lemons more than 100 years ago. They fell in love with the lemon, whose taste has been passed down for 100 years and so the brewery, starting with these two flavors, went on to create a range of Fruit Sakes made from love of the finest fruits.




Sake and luscious domestically grown fruits come together. Using only the finest yuzu fruits from Kyoto’s Mizuo region, the historical birthplace of yuzu. This area is blessed with a cool climate and pristine waters, the yuzu grown here boast a fresh aroma and deep, rich flavor. The entire of these remarkable yuzu fruits are brewed into an elegant liqueur that is simply sublime. Rich aroma, and a soft noble taste. It is refreshing and an exquisite combination of yuzu and Fukui Sake.

This rich and refined beverage will delight and refresh your palate.

ALC: 7%

500ml: 1,090 yen

Plum (Ume)


Sake and luscious domestically grown fruits come together. Using the beautiful fully-ripened nanko plums from the farmer they found which started their Fruit Sake range, the plums are slowly steeped in Sake (instead of the more common shochu) to produce a sublimely mellow Plum Sake that brings out the full aroma of the ripe, luscious plums.

A refreshing plum Sake with an aroma that hints of peaches.

ALC: 12%

500ml: 1,090 yen

Orange (Mikan)


Sake and luscious domestically grown fruits come together. Mikan-shu (citrus liqueur) is born from citruses organically grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers, in vast terraced fields overlooking the ocean. The flavor from the Mikan (type of Orange) is superb, refreshing and rich. A juicy and easy-to-drink taste with plenty of fruit.

A smooth, succulent Japanese Fruit Sake, like a fresh fruit juice.

ALC: 4%

500ml: 1,090 yen



Sake and luscious domestically grown fruits come together. Made from the domestically grown lemons whose cultivation and taste has been passed down for over 100 years these lemons are produced without wax or pesticides and have a softer sourness. These lemons are WOW! and produce a REAL lemony lemon Sake. The full flavor of the lemons can be felt with the beautiful mix of the Sake providing a refreshing taste and aroma, and an addictive taste with a soft acidity-a true treat.

Delight in the crisp aroma and gentle tang of fresh lemons.

ALC: 7%

500ml: 1,090 yen



Not strictly a fruit Sake but a low alcohol lemonadey Sake:

A new type of low alcohol Sake that evokes the gentle, nature of white wine or lemonade. The light taste of low alcohol can be easily enjoyed outdoors and on a hot day. It is very easy to drink and refreshes your body and tongue. It goes surprisingly well with very western foods such as pizza and potato fries, which are usually difficult to enjoy with Sake.

The freshness and sharpness of lemon is balanced well with the alcohol and there is a very refreshing long finish.

Rice Polishing Rate 70% Alc 10%  500ml: 1,095 yen

La Fraise Authentic Strawberry Sake


A Strawberry fruit Sake all harvested in Shiga Prefecture novice uses only pure Sake rice with no coloring, fragrance, acidulant, or preservatives added.

Using only the most fragrant strawberries from Tanaberry famous strawberry farm. La fraise authentic strawberry Sake is tightly packed with these fresh strawberries that have been carefully stewed to keep the most flavor.

Fresh and fruity, please enjoy the taste of the season.

Alc 10%  500ml: 3,125 yen