Japan based Licensed Sake distributor and Japanese Sake exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards, targeting Sake importers Japan based Licensed Sake distributor and Japanese Sake exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards, targeting Sake importers

Sasaki’s sake society commitment

Our export sake brewery partner Sasaki very much supports their local community.

Protection of Kyoto principles and culture is an integral part of their business model.




Sasaki believes changes that can be made on a business level can have a positive impact at a societal level and therefore benefit all. There are many changes we can all make to our day-to-day lives that will have a significant impact on the environment: reducing waste, ditching single-use plastics, choosing sustainable alternatives to practically everything, reusing and recycling.

By bringing together ethical and conscious decisions into the business process Sasaki leads to a more sustainable life, at home, at work, and in their community.

In support of this, Sasaki has actively participated in the Local Resource Utilization programme since 2011.




Overview of local resource utilization business


“The regional resource utilization business can be utilized by small and medium-sized enterprises in the region. It is recognition that these business use resources from their local community that are regarded as special characteristics of the region. It also refers to conducting business such as development / production, provision of services, and development of sustainable local resources. “


What are local industrial resources?

The following are specified by each prefecture.

(1) Agriculture, forestry and fishery products or mining and industrial products that are recognized as local special products to a considerable extent.

(2) Technology related to the production of mining and industrial products, which are local special products

(3) Those that are recognized to a considerable extent as cultural properties, natural landscapes, hot springs and other local tourism resources


Certification requirements for a local resource utilization company


“Utilization of regional resources by developing creative products that utilize the characteristics and strengths of regional resources, we will enhance the brand power of the regional industrial resources and utilize them in the business activities of other small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.”


Local efforts and cooperation with related businesses, related organizations, etc.


The company must match the contents of the “Furusato Specialty Support Declaration” by the municipalities; be a business in collaboration with other local multiple small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.  Appropriate cooperation with retailers who have sales channels outside the region, local support for resource utilization are also important consideration factors.


Sustainable Use


Consideration for Sustainable Utilization of local resources such as Nature and Cultural so that the utilization of local industrial resources does not destroy nature or cultural properties themselves or the surrounding environment.



As an active member in this programme Sasaki helps other businesses in their region, supports their local community and promotes the “goodness” and culture of Kyoto.


You can find Sasaki sake products here: Sasaki sake

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