Japan based Licensed Sake distributor and Japanese Sake exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards, targeting Sake importers Japan based Licensed Sake distributor and Japanese Sake exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards, targeting Sake importers
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Supported Sake breweries


Our list of supported breweries who export exceptional Japanese Sake.

Sakeportal does not  have contracts with these breweries. Please contact direct.

Sasaki Brewery (Kyoto)


Award winning Sasaki was founded in 1893 and is the only brewer in central Kyoto. Their mission is to use traditional techniques mixed with cutting edge brewing methods, grafted in famous water, to produce an authentic Sake taste.

Over the last 1000 years there has been no change in the quality and abundance of underground water. Sasaki brewery is positioned to take maximum advantage of this “goodness of water” and it is this goodness that gives their Sake a distinct flavor profile and makes their Sake of the highest quality, continuously winning awards in Japan and overseas.

→ Base Sake taste: Lighter more fruity taste, good for the overseas palate

→ Artisan Sales points: Famous water from Kyoto, local sourcing and Kyoto business leader

→ CEO message: Thinking about keeping Kyoto’s business more than money

Joyo Brewery (Kyoto)


Joyo brewery focus on producing the highest quality Sake in small batches.

Most of the work is done by hand using traditional methods. They put their heart and soul into each bottle. They believe in locally sourcing and supporting local companies wherever possible. Their Sake is noted for it’s fresh and striking impression after extraction, firm rice flavour and refined acidity.

→ Base Sake taste: Easy to drink, light and beautifully balanced

→ Artisan Sales points: No carbon filtering to maintain pure Sake, specialist in Gohyakumangoku

→ CEO message: Tradition and ingredients are the key to True Sake

Hanamori Brewery (Gifu)


Award winning Hanazakari brewery (formerly Hanamori brewery) was founded in 1898 on the banks of the beautiful Kisogawa river.

They slow drip the Sake through mesh bags with pressure from bamboo shoots and they are the only brewer in Japan to continue to use a manually operated press.

These techniques produce the finest Sake with a distinct flavour.

→ Base Sake taste: Clean, deeper Sake flavor

→ Artisan Sales points: Small brewery that stands by old, traditional techniques. One of the very few breweries to still use a manual press, no carbon filtration

→ CEO message: Every drop is a symbol of our Happiness and Dedication

Fujii Honke Brewery (Shiga)


Fujii Honke was established in 1831 and are honored to be the sole brewery to provide Sake for the Imperial Harvest Festival to the Japanese Imperial Court and shrines all over Japan. Based on the banks of Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture the climate is ideal for Sake brewing.

The water comes from the Suzuka mountain and takes 100 years to be filtered perfectly for brewing.

→ Base Sake taste: Every Sake is wonderfully original and different but overall: smooth, sweeter and more of a wine taste

→ Artisan Sales points: Head of Shiga Brewery Association, environmentally friendly/organically grown rice, community leader, unique rice blends and specialist in Wataribune rice

→ CEO message: Brewed with a Heartfelt handmade technique

Matsumidori Brewery (Aomori)


Matsumidori are a very traditional maker who spares no time and effort, keep to traditional techniques and do not rely on machines. This keeps their senses sharp and their Sake the purest.

Their local Sake is a brew born from the local climate and culture. They brew Sake at the Brewery with the belief that it is their mission to pass on the culture and history of Japanese Sake to future generations by lovingly maintaining the Sake traditional brewing techniques, and the tools and equipment within the brewery that share the same long history.

→ Base Sake taste: Deeper full bodied flavor

→ Artisan Sales points: Reputation of their head Brewer, soft water used

→ CEO message: And in Sake, the spirit of the maker is inhabited

Fukui Brewery (Shiga)


Fukui has been brewing Sake for over 260 years and their name comes from the Japanese clovers that bloom on the shores next to their brewery. Fukui brews Sake valuing the nature and community around them and excel in the ingredients they choose from their high quality rice to the soft water.

They produce Sake in all four seasons to reflect the changing scenery of the area and use some time-honored techniques that date back to the Edo period! (1600-1800’s).

→ Base Sake taste: Smooth with a full bodied mouthfeel, moderate Sake flavor

→ Artisan Sales points: Innovative flavors and fruit Sake, supporter of local community initiatives and buying rice locally

→ CEO message: Giving back to the Community through the Joy and Pleasure from drinking Sake