Japan based Licensed Sake distributor and Japanese Sake exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards, targeting Sake importers Japan based Licensed Sake distributor and Japanese Sake exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards, targeting Sake importers

We are a sake export and distributor targeting companies such as sake import agents, sake import wholesalers, sake import distributors, retailers, bars, restaurants, hotels and businesses looking to import Sake or sell Japanese Sake direct to customers.
Sakeportal is a Sake distributor and Sake exporter selling Japanese Sake fresh and direct from the Sake breweries in Japan.
For individual consumers, luxury suppliers and high-end businesses seeking something a bit special, we have highsake.com, selling World exclusive Limited bottle run Sake.
Please ensure you buy from a licensed Sake distributor! In Japan you can check this as they must have their licence on their website by law.

We are a small flexible company that helps connect you with real Japanese sake. We believe in open, transparent relationships and understanding individual customer’s sake needs.

In support of local traditional breweries

Based in Kyoto, Japan and under direct Agreement, we represent small Artisan Sake breweries.

If you are seeking some beautiful traditionally made sake from breweries with generations of history and awards who support their local communities, welcome to Sakeportal!

We have exclusivity on many of our Sakes and,

We have strict supplier criteria

In support of you

We work on behalf of you, our customer,

We work closely with our overseas partners to support them and their business success,

Should you need anything or have questions please do allow us to help you.

Our aim is to offer you an advantage over your competitors and a smooth business flow for the import of Japanese Sake.

Our Sake


We pride ourselves in the Sake we offer.

Our Japanese qualified Sake appraiser and certified Sake brewer assists us in selecting the perfect Sake to match the overseas market.

Our Inspiration


From the beautiful clear waters of Hokkaido to the delicately refined Sake rice, we are inspired by the Japanese Artisan craft Sake breweries who stand by their traditional brewing methods to produce the perfect Sake.


Why Import Japanese Sake Direct from Japan?

  • Freshness

  • Price Reduction of 30-50%

  • Range of Products

  • Flexibility

  • Ability to Negotiate

  • Why wouldn’t you go to the Source?

With our pre negotiated prices, bilingual staff and relationships with our breweries we are confident of saving you time and money.

japan sake exporter

SakePortal Service

From Sourcing, Negotiation to Destination; SakePortal offers a smooth business flow.

We have traveled Japan to source from traditional and innovative Sake breweries who produce Sake with strong stories to give a differentiating sales points for our Sake importers.

Shipping will be your main cost outside of the products and is a service many exporters will markup as profit.

*We offer best in industry shipping prices through the volume we export and our long-term relationships with our shipping partners.*

Our Team

We are a small company with a strong team and good relationships with key people in the Japanese Sake industry.
Thanks to our experienced and well-known team we are able to open the doors to smaller Sake breweries.

Our Logistics

By Air, by Ocean, Direct to your door, CIF, FOB-no problem!

Our Breweries

Because we are based in Japan and deal direct with the Sake breweries we can offer a more flexible and personal service than other distributors.

Our Sake is exported to order, direct from the Sake breweries ensuring our clients get the freshest Sake. Through our relationships we also offer clients quick access to new seasonal Sake before it is available to the general market, OEM and special production runs.


We are very careful about the Breweries we choose to represent.


Sake Trends

We have noticed the demand for the import of Japanese Sake is changing:

As people become more aware of Japanese Sake (and Japan in general) they are seeking out new, exciting Sake to import.

This is reflected in orders from our clients for non-mass produced, Artisan Sake with brand traditional stories.

More recently we have seen a big increase in our IBC sake and private label sake as the demand for building your own brand Sake and the RTD market grows

To support our clients and increase your sales of Sake we have developed a range of marketing tools and Sake data sheets for customers, shelves, counters menus, etc.


Special Service



We can offer you 2 options to launch your own brand: Private Label or IBC (free flow Sake)

Private Label:

Through our Sake brewery relationships we have persuaded our suppliers to allow your own label Sake on their selected bottles.

What does this mean?

  • As a Distributor you can offer an added sales point or have your own brand Sake!
  • For businesses you can have your own, exclusive branded Sake to match your brand, event or create a personal message for your customers. This level of personalization and exclusivity will attract new Customers and increase Sake sales.

IBC Tank:

We will deliver your Sake in  an IBC Tank (basically a container specially designed for alcohol distribution).

You receive the Sake and what you do with it then is entirely your choice:

  • You can put it into your own designed bottles
  • You can put in in a can for the RTD market
  • You could make a Sake cocktail-NEW BIG TREND!!

Basically you can develop your own Sake and Become a National Brand.

Bulk Sake:

Import 2/20/30 litre box Sake:

Import RTD boxes, full control over how you would like to use the Sake.

  • Cost-effective for bars/resturants/own brand
  • Use straight from the box
  • Easy pour for Sake cocktails

Our Merit

  • Experience

  • Knowledge

  • Connnections

  • Reputation

  • Relationships

  • Native English/Japanese

  • Constantly adapting and following global trends

Quality Standards

  • Japanese Certified Sake sommelier

  • Strict supplier criteria


Your Merit

  • Pre-negotiated discount prices

  • Exclusive Sake and agreements

  • OEM with reduced minimum quantities

  • Speed and flexibility

  • No communication barriers

  • Ease of business

  • Trusted shipping partners

Extra Benefits

  • On trend sales points of difference

  • Personal (friendly!) service


How to import Japanese Sake

Our reputation as a Japanese company means we will always do our best for our clients in a fair and honest manner.
As the Japanese say “saizenn wo tsukushimasu”.

Our Commitment to You

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