Yamabuki Gold Vintage Sake: 720ml Alc 18% HS code# 220600



Rice Polishing Rate 70% Alc 18%


“Aged old sake Yamabuki Vintage Gold” is a blend of several types of aged old Sake of up to 20 years based on 10-year aged sake.

Craftsmen who are familiar with the characteristics of Aged old Sake, with detailed know-how curated over a long period of time and by taking advantage of the climate of Akita, have blended multiple years of aged old Sake in an exquisite balance that brings out the unique characteristic “umami”.

The amber color polished by aging shines beautifully, and it has the aroma and sweetness of aging in barrels. At the same time, it has a refreshing sensation, so it resonates beautifully with crustaceans such as shrimp and crab, and fatty dishes.

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