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We focus on smaller breweries who excel in producing the highest quality Sake using traditional methods and sourcing/supporting local businesses.

Please be introduced to our Sake brewery partners:

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  • 2017 Tokai Honor Prize
  • Gifu Prefecture Best Brewery

Award winning Hanazakari brewery (formerly Hanamori brewery) was founded in 1898 on the banks of the beautiful Kisogawa river.
A great find by Sakeportal as they have very recently gained great respect in the Sake world and had great  articles in significant Sake publications highlighting their traditional Artisan brewing techniques which are rarely used by brewers these days.

They slow drip the Sake through mesh bags with pressure from bamboo shoots and they are the only brewer in Japan to continue to use a manually operated press.

These techniques produce the finest Sake with a distinct flavour.

We thoroughly expect Hanazakari will start winning many more awards in the coming years.

A True Artisan, traditional Sake brewer.

We thoroughly expect Hanazakari will start winning many more awards in the coming years.

A True Artisan, traditional Sake brewer.

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  • 2018 Fine Sake Award Grand Gold Medal
  • 2018 National Sake Appreciation Association Silver Award
  • 2019 Fine Sake Award gold Medal
  • 2019 U.S. Sake Appreciation Award Gold Award 
  • 2019 Kura Master Gold Award
  • 2019 IWC Sake Gold Medal
  • 2019 Aomori Sake Award Gold Medal

Award winning Matsumidori brewery began in the Edo period in Tsuguru.

Their local Sake is a brew born from the local climate and culture. They brew Sake at Matsumidori Brewery with the belief that it is their mission to pass on the culture and history of Japanese Sake to future generations by lovingly maintaining the Sake traditional brewing techniques, and the tools and equipment within the brewery that share the same long history. 

Their main brands, Matsumidori and Reiho, are loved by the people of Tsugaru. All their Sake is brewed with special care and are all brewed by hand using our time-honored methods.

A Sake Brewer whose reputation is proved by awards.

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  • 2018 Japan/China Sake Gold
  • 2018 IWC Silver
  • 2019 Japan/China Sake Gold

Award winning Joyo brewery was founded in 1895 and is a 4th generation brewer. They are based in south Kyoto blessed with nature and on the Kizu river.

They focus on producing the highest quality Sake in small batches.

Their brewers are highly skilled 40 year veterans of their craft. Most of the work is done by hand using traditional methods. They put their heart and soul into each bottle. They believe in locally sourcing and supporting local companies wherever possible.

Their Sake is noted for it’s fresh and striking impression after extraction, firm rice flavour and refined acidity.

A Sake Brewer with local roots and local sourcing.

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  • 2016 Sake Brewing Prize Winner
  • 2017 Tokai Honor Award
  • 2017 IWC Gold award
  • 2016 & 2018 IWC Silver
  • 2019 FineSake Gold

Award winning Sasaki brewery was founded in 1893 and is the only brewer in central Kyoto.

Their mission is to use traditional techniques grafted in famous water, to produce an authentic Sake taste.

Under Kyoto is a huge rock 33km long, and the water Sasaki uses seeps down from the mountains into the Kyoto valley and crawls through this rock to produce exceptional “goodness of water”.

Their Sake is distinguished by a fruity Ginjo aroma and dry, crisp and clean taste.

Winner of many awards and a very respected maker of Sake in Japan.

The traditional Kyoto Sake brewery

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  • 2015 Kan Sake: Japan National Sake Gold
  • 2018 Shiga Prefecture Prize Winner

Award winning Fujimoto brewery was founded in 1763 and is based in Shiga.

Due to the lack of good quality Sake they endeavoured to find the best water to make better Sake. After many years they finally they discovered the premium water with a high mineral content; they dug a well and that water is still used to make their Sake today.

They say their Sake is made by God’s announcement and their philosophy is “Wajo Ryoshu” (with workers harmony so perfect Sake can be produced).

Their Sake is characterized by their soft water and has citrusy overtones with a deep aftertaste.

They are great Sake innovators and produce creative flavoured Sake as well as speciality Koshu aged Sake. Their distinctive labels support local art based on traditional Otsu Buddhist paintings dating back to 1624.

A Sake brewer with exceptional, innovative flavors

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Any questions about the import of Sake just contact us for a chat. "Our reputation as a Japanese company means we will always do our best for our clients in a fair and honest manner. As the Japanese say “saizenn wo tsukushimasu”.