AWARD WINNING: Special Junmai Tomizu-jikomi Amadare Ishi wo Ugatsu:6x720ml Alc 15% SMV -5


IWC: Commended
Kura master: Platinum
Sake selection: Platinum
National Kan: Grand Gold


Rice Polishing Rate 60% Alc 15%


This Sake has won a gold medal in the “Kanzake Contest (Premium Kanzake Category)” since the first year of its release. It has a dense, refreshing and vivid taste that cannot be produced by the methods currently used. In addition it goes well with a wide range of dishes, including deep-tasting dishes. You will be amazed at the depth of flavor that you can enjoy even with hot Sake. A vivid taste that has never been experienced by the old brewing method. Received the Kura Master Platinum Award.

This is the delicious Sake of our forefathers!