Junmai Daiginjo 40 PREMIUM (Gohyakumangoku): 720ml x 6 Alc 15% SMV +3 HS code# 220600


EXCLUSIVE TO Sakeportal,

720ml x 6

Rice Polishing Rate 40% Alc 15%


A limited edition Junmai Daiginjo Japanese Sake that has been refined to 40% from Kyoto Prefecture’s “500 million stones” rice and packed with flavor due to being brewed in a cold season. The finished Sake has a very premium taste. It has a calm gentle fruits scent similiar to pears and melons and a fresh and firm body. The taste is pure, smooth with a rich acidity that slowly spreads across the mouth. With a well-balanced flavor and elegant sharpness it is rich and light, mellow and refreshing, with a mix of sweetness and spiciness. There is an exquisite, delicate balance between the refreshing and fruity aromas and the subtle taste of rice. At the end, the gentle bitterness and astringency make you feel refreshed.