Junmai Daiginjo 40 (Gohyakumangoku): 720ml x 6 Alc 15% SMV +2 HS code# 220600


720ml x 6

Rice Polishing Rate 40% Alc 15%


A Junmai Daiginjo refined to 40% and brewed in cold weather. It is bottled as soon as possible without filtration, and is stored in a refrigerated bottle so that you can feel the fresh and smooth rich rice flavor with a refreshing sharpness. It has a calm fruity aroma reminiscent of young peaches. When you put it in your mouth, the sweetness of Japanese fruits such as loquat and the umami of rice are all in one. There is a wonderful balance of sweetness, sourness, and umami. The slight bitterness tightens the aftertaste and you won’t get tired of drinking. You can enjoy the fruity and sweet taste of the rice with the refreshing dryness that is typical of Gohyakumangoku.

Pairs well with seafood such as sashimi and sushi, and can be well adapted to meat from having an elegant acidity.