Rainfall Junmai Mountain Abandoned 12x720ml Kura master Gold Award Alc 16% HS code# 220600



Rice Polishing Rate 90% Alc 16% SMV -14

Kura master Gold Award


Import Award Winning Junmai Sake:

Taking advantage of YamadaNishiki rice’s characteristics, it is brewed with a rice polishing rate of 90% (a rate that is not normally possible) , a koji rate of 40% (a whopping double the normal rate), and hard water from the rainy mountains (a hardness of 150, which is rare in Japan).

The taste would is so clean and clear with an exotic aroma of “yeast” and “rice jiuqu” forged with the traditional method of Yamahaimoto, the rich umami lingers deep and long.


Kura master Gold Award