Private Label Sake


Private Label Sake List

Add a personalized private label to great tasting Japanese Sake.
The needs of our clients and their experiences are diverse. Our relationships with our suppliers allow us to to accommodate small runs to large production runs of custom label Sake. We can increase supply as you grow.

For Distributors, Wholesalers and Agents...

Offer a special sales point to your clients. Allow them to have their own custom label, exclusive to their establishment. Alternatively, for yourselves: Have your own Company branded label Sake!

For End Clients...


Sake for your bar, restaurant, hotel?

We have got you covered

Have your own brand custom label Sake to increase sales, differentiate and stand out from your competitors.

Tell us your menu or customer likes/dislikes and we will match Sake flavour profiles to your tastes and needs with the assistance of our renowned Gion restaurateur and our Sake sommelier

Sake for an Event?

We have got you covered

Have your own custom Event label for that extra level of exclusivity, brand cohesion and promotion.

Sake as a Corporate Gift?

We have got you covered

Have your own private company brand label for that extra level of corporate gift thank you.

A personal message for that special person?

We have got you covered

Have your own custom message label for that extra level of personalization.

Business Flow

Use our designers or create your own label


Receive your Personalized Sake!


Build a brand

Create a unique sales point

Maintain higher profit margins as the Sake can not be compared

Match your brand to the local environment

Market to the local environment

Attract new customers

Retain customers

Develop to a national brand